Wigglewow Premium Natural Oat-Bacon Dog Treats - Made in USA

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Reward your precious pups with Wigglewow premium, all-natural treats! No need to worry about any harmful additives or man-made substances in our bag of approximately 30 delicious bacon flavored treats.

Wigglewow treats are available in three sizes:

  • MEDIUM - Recommended for dogs BETWEEN 10-50 LBS ~30 treats
  • LARGE - Recommended for dogs OVER 50 LBS ~30 treats

Want to see your dog get really excited? Give them a Wigglewow treat test! We call that action a Wigglewow moment! They know the difference! 


One of our Epic Chefs helps create every bag.  In fact, when you receive your treats, on the back of the bag you can learn more about the particular Epic Chef that created that bag.


Epic Wigglewow treats special needs chef



Since we don't add the harmful man-made preservatives to Wigglewow treats, they can't sit on the shelf forever.  To preserve the freshness of your Wigglewow treats, please refrigerate or freeze until your four-legged family member happily consumes the last one!