Special Thanks


Wigglewow would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for assisting with our epic journey:

Yuriy Zell

Michael Dawson

Jeff VanZandt @ VZ Creative

Keith Bernauer @ WiperTags

Deacon Greg Gitschier

Douglas M. Semenick @ Semenick and Associates, Inc.

Jack & Linda Schweickhardt

Bridgets Bread & Butter LLC

Guy Carpenter

Mike Stoltz

Lanning Paints

Malcolm Byrd

Tom Brinker

Dana Owen @ The Popcorn Station

Steve Plas

Tom Forster

Stephen @ Derby Pet Fence

Jay & Carol Reynolds

Camlin Fine Sciences


Wigglewow would also like to thank our Founding Sponsors:

Bill & Dana Moon

Hon & Kyung Hong

Jeff & Patti Wilson

Deacon Greg Gitschier

Greg & Cindy Moore

Larry Smith

Diane Smith

Greg & Shannon Stocker

Wendy Bade

Matthew & Kathryn Pickett

Carl Cornelius

Garry & Betty Bernard

Bob & Lori Buse

Anonymous Donor 

Cornfield Crappie Gear

Michael & Brenda Pfarr

Barbara Gallina

Deb Dyrland Roman
Justin and Regina Bingham
Sara Robards Foundation
John Imel
Tim & Heidi Cherry
Pigwig, Tiffin & Raam
Adam & Lauren Hayes
The Prohaska Family
The Hellmann Family & Scarlet Begonias (boxer pup)
David S Martin
Randy & Rebecca Sandell
Tim & Cindy Meiners
Melody Parks
Joyce George
In Honor of Emily Parks
Tom & Colleen Brinker
BeeHive Assisted Living Home in Goshen
Jay & Becky Schmidt
Frances Hill
Flora Schaller
Mike & Cassie Combs
David & Tracy Webb
Hornback Kennel
Alan & Cathy Nakamura
Sue Ross
Holly Clark
Mark & Darla Weaver
Cheryl & Dwight Pumphrey
Darrell & Jean Granahan
Kelly Peace
Oldham County Pediatrics
Jesus saves and forgives