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Wigglewow Epic Chefs


Wigglewow is a special, unique organization that produces premium all-natural dog treats without any harmful preservatives, artificial flavors, or coloring.  Wigglewow's unique focus is to create careers for special needs adults for both short and long-term opportunities.  30-50% of the staff consists of "Epic Chefs" -- special needs employees.  Epic Chefs start making more than $1 over the minimum wage in Kentucky -- the short-term opportunity.  Then, at the end of the year, the first 25% of Wigglewow's profit is divided and paid to Epic Chefs' Special Needs Trust -- the long-term opportunity.

We're much more than just a business. We're ALL-IN when it comes to employing special needs adults to make fantastic treats for your dogs.


🐶EPIC CUSTOMER - Regular purchases of our Wigglewow Premium All-Natural Dog Treats

🐶COMMITTED CUSTOMER - Schedules recurring delivery of Wigglewow Premium All-Natural Dog Treats and saves 100% on their initial purchase and 5% with each additional purchase

🐶ALL IN FOUNDING SPONSOR- Become a Founding Sponsor by donating $300 and receive 13 bags of treats and your name listed on our website on our Thanks tab. You can also be part of the pilot group to test any new Wigglewow products and provide feedback before going into production...and more surprises!

FINALLY a treat our dog isn't allergic to!

"Our boxer mix is allergic to just about everything. It's the only treat we've been able to give her that she doesn't have a reaction to! Thanks Wigglewow!" 

Stephanie Lynn

Best Treats Ever

"Wigglewow are the best treats I have given my pets!!! My babies love them and I know they are made with love, healthy ingredients, and a desire to give purpose to all!  I LOVE WIGGLEWOW"

Patti Wilson

Dogs Love Them

"Still haven't came across a dog that doesn't love the treats and what an awesome mission!  Win Win!"

Michael Dawson

Our dogs quickly learned how to sit

"This was a perfect reward when training our dogs to sit. They quickly figured it out and now come up and sit every time we grab the Wigglewow bag."

Keith Bernauer