1 Wigglewow Alcohol themed Dog Treat

1 Wigglewow Alcohol themed Dog Treat

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Choose 1 of your favorite Wigglewow alcohol theme treats for your dog to enjoy.
 None of our treats contain chicken or peanut butter. They contain oats, bacon, eggs, salt, vitamin E and lots of love!!

If your dog has never had Wigglewow treats and loves bacon, they will quickly become a HUGE Wigglewow Gourmet Dog Treat Fan. These treats were recently created and have a great shelf life thanks to the natural vitamin E we use as our preservative! Each are made with a dog friendly icing and the tiny bit of dye for any color added to the icing is the same dye used on birthday cakes so no need to worry!

Each order includes 1 package of an XL Bone Wigglewow Gourmet Dog Treat. Choose from 16 different designs. Each treat measures around 5.5 x 2.75 inches in size and the package weighs around 2 ozs. Each treat is hand created and designs/colors will vary slightly.

All shipments to Alaska and Hawaii require and additional $8 to the total to cover additional shipping costs.

Adults with special needs help create all Wigglewow Gourmet Dog Treats! We look forward to having you as a frequent customer and helping us create more careers for adults with special needs!